Monday, November 06, 2006

A blog for Jenn

Jenn recently said she doesn't read my blog anymore because it's about sports and politics all the time. Well, on the eve of the election, I'm going to blog about the excitement on the home front.

First, on Saturday this week, we get FURTATURE!!!! Thanks to be super duper generous brother we are getting a couch and an absolutely amazing patio set. If the patio set weren’t one of the nicest I’d ever seen, I’d be talking non-stop about how amazing the couch is. My bro and the fam are getting set to move into their nearly completed house and this Saturday is move out day. Unfortunately for them, move in day isn’t for a couple weeks, but they insist they’ll be OK. And not to sound selfish or nuthin, but Jenn and I are just way too excited about having a couch. Couldn’t be more excited, really. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A COUCH!!!!

We had a very nice weekend. Blair and Pamela come over for a little birthday celebration for Jennifer (happy birthday on Tuesday, baby!!!!). It’s always nice having company over, especially the best of company. Jenn had her first day off without travel in a long long time. She was very pleased about that. She even got some school work done. Yay her!!

The previous weekend, we went to our Nations Capital for a wedding. It was for my college roommate Steve. The ceremonies were in beautiful gardens. The reception was much fun. That’s a wedding, for you. Good scenery. Good dancing. Good times.

Lastly, we’re going to be getting another addition to the family. The four legged variety, before you go getting ideas. Next weekend, we’re going to go back tot eh pound to find a friend for our dog Elwood. It’s time. He’s comfortable enough with us that we think it will be beneficial to him to have a friend. We’re going to look for someone a little (OK, a lot) more comfortable around strangers. We’re hoping she’ll be able to rub off on him in that regard.

Looky there! I love you, baby!


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