Thursday, September 21, 2006

Catch up

Wow, there's only like a million things I've wanted to blog about in the 3 weeks since I last posted, but I've never really had a moment to sit down and do it. But here I am, waiting on others to get their crap together, so I have the time. And rather than give each topic it's due time, I'll just touch on each one momentarily.

First we got a dog. We adopted from the Humane Society here. He's a Plott Hound mutt. His name is Elwood (though he was originally Chance). He's 8 months old. He's pretty good with the accidents as he's only had 2 since arriving on Sunday - both in his crate. The on thing about him is that he's extremely skittish. He was very very shy at the pound, so Jenn took to him right away (she loves a challenge, especially with a dog [and a man, hee hee]). He's come out of his shell to a great extent, though he still has issues when Jenn and I are in the same room at the same time. He'll hide behind her and growl at me. Anyway, we're working through all that and I'm looking forward to getting him some obedience training.

Next, a friend of mine is going to Paris. The exchange rate is almost $1.30 for 1 Euro. That's insane. Frighteningly insane. When I went in November of 2001, the exchange rate was pretty darn close to 1 for 1. If anything it was like $0.95 for 1 Euro. That was in the aftermath of 9/11. That was one year into the Village Idiot's "Presidency". Now, we're 5 years into this 8 year National Mess and our economy is so bad that the Euro has increased in value by 25% to 30%. And no one's making a stink about this? No one's alarmed? How is the fact that our economy is entrenched in the shittier not a national story? How can all of the news out of the Idiot's office be sunny shiny happy and not a single person with a national voice call him on it? And it's not like we're talking about a developing or growing country here, people. We're talking about a currency based in the oldest modernly developed region in the world. Our currency should be flat with their's at all times. It's sick and insane.

FOOTBALL!!! 2 weeks of football have passed and not a peep from me. I know: sacrilege! Anyway, my Steelers stunk last week, so that was sad. But I'm fairly confident that, they will improve as the year goes on. Well, let's just say they have to because if they don't, then rumors of Bill Cower's departure are going to swirl through that team like a tornado in a trailer park. As for Fantasy Football. I had a horrible weekend in week 2 in all of my leagues. I won in the money league, but only because the team I played (ironically, my brother's), managed to be more incompetent than me. I'm really hoping that things will turn around.

On TV, I've got my TiVo up and running so I'm watching the Colbert Report and the Daily Show religiously again. I'm telling you, from June through August, when I was without those 2 shows, I really got out of touch with what was going on in government. Reading the paper doesn't provide enough context. In their fun way, they really frame everything nicely. And intelligently. I think that's why the kids (me included) love them so much. It's nice to be back in on things.

With everything else, the house has come light years. We've still got some boxes to empty, curtains to put up and a spare bedroom to paint, but everything urgent is done. I think it's fair to say we're taking a break. We had been going non-stop on the place for so long that it's good for the both of us to step back and just put that on the back burner. I'm sure we'll start up again in a couple weeks.

Jenn's doing better coping with work and classes, though it is definitely very difficult for her. I'm both impressed with what she's doing and getting done and proud that I get to be a part of it in some small way.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll be more regular. No, not like THAT!!! Sicko.


Blogger cricket said...


Can't wait to come see you and Jenn and meet Elwood and see the house and, and, and, hi!

The boy & I are def. planning to come down for a visit when you give the green light, Jan/Feb-ish.

This evening, I go to Houston, visiting the Jill.

Miss you! Smooches to you & the missus.

7:41 AM  

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