Monday, August 30, 2004

The Intro

This blog comes to you thanks to my friend Blair who's blogging here ( In order to make smart-ass remarks on top of his smart-ass remarks, I had to register. And part of registering, I had to pick a blog spot.

So this is my little blog spot on the grease ball of the world. What am I going to talk about? Eh, whatever. Right now, football season's starting, so I suspect I'll have to talk about that a bit. I just got a TiVo, one of the greatest inventions EVER. That's GOT to be a blog. Probably the first one. Um, I like stuff, so I'll probably hit that at some point. And I promise to close each and every blog with a reason to NOT vote for W.

That should do it for today. I have to send out an invite, so I'll go do that now.

REASON 237 why not to vote for W: at some point in his life, he probably responded to the name "Bubba".